[EN] Insurance agents and the upcoming technology on the industry: a great debate

Note to the reader: this blog is written in brazilian portuguese, but this post is in english because I wrote in this language on LinkedIn Pulse, where this article is originally published.

With the increase of technology participation on insurance business, I see that a lot of people from the insurance broking business are saying that this upcoming scenario could terminate their jobs in some way.

A lot of online insurance forums debate this frequently, with a lot of different visions about this theme.

I believe that insurance brokers will continue to exist, because even with this upcoming scenario, there’s needed a professional that explains the insurance terms to the client and defend his insurance interests.

Because in my opinion the insurance broker is more than just a salesman: he’s a professional that holds a great amount of technical knowledge about the insurance products.

And that’s the point: the technical knowledge from the insurance broker will make him stay alive on the insurance industry. This kind of job will not disappear, but its nature will be certainly changed drastically, with a lot of new things especially on the customer relationship aspect.

I would say that brokers that are joining this reality now will get great rewards on the future, because they are managing to gain competitive advantage on others that still not recognized this as an opportunity to grow or are receous to enter in this world.

The insurtechs are making their presence and they are already bringing great new tools to be explored in a vast world of possibilities.

In conclusion, I think there’s no reason to be afraid, but it’s certainly a time to make new deals and partnerships and I hope you see this emerging scenario with optimism instead of any other vision.

Technology don’t bite and is available to help your business, making things easier and more efficient.

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